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Country Fuels can keep your home comfortable
At Country Fuels, we’re all about quality. We deliver high-quality premium Home Heating Oil #2, and sell top-quality home heating, and water heating equipment.

That quality extends to the people who service and repair your equipment. Country Fuels backs up everything we do in service with the highly trained and experienced technicians. Country Fuels is a full-service oil and home heating company. And when we say “full-service,” we mean it. If your heating system stops working, even in the middle of the night, our emergency phones are available 24/7 to get you an emergency response.

Scheduling your annual heating system maintenance every summer will help keep your equipment safe and efficient, extending its lifespan. An oil fired boiler or furnace that is tuned and maintained properly will decrease fuel costs each year! Our professional technicians will perform annual heating system tune-ups on all types of oil equipment. In addition, they will always recommend additional ways you can save on heating costs.

Not only will yearly maintenance of your boiler or furnace reduce your heating costs, but it will also help keep your system safe and decrease the risk of a system malfunction. Our tune-up includes: check and adjust burner controls and ignition system, clean and/or replace fuel filters and change air filters, clean nozzle assembly and/or replace nozzle, vacuum and clean heating unit and smoke pipe to chimney, oil motor bearings, drain expansion tank and test and fire heating unit for maximum efficiency

An annual tune-up performed by one of our expert technicians will help keep all of your heating system components safe and efficient each heating season. Call us at (888) 878-8877 to schedule yours!

Effective June 1, 2022

Service Rates Straight Time

Regular Time: Service Call $95/Hour
Travel Time from the office to the job (both ways)
Night and Weekend Call $150/Hour
Travel Time from the office to the job (both ways)

Cleanings / Tune Ups (Annually)

Furnace / Boiler $250
Water Heater $150

*Tune-ups that require longer than 2 hours or an additional technician will be billed on a time and materials basis with a labor rate of $95.00 per hour.

*In addition, travel time that exceeds a 30 minute radius from the home office will be billed out at $25.00 hour.

Flat Rate

Space Heater Rental $50/Night
Oil Tank Disposal $150
Water Heater Disposal $50
Boiler / Furnace Disposal $250
Whistle $125
Prime $35
Special Trip Charge $150

Appx Tank Replacement $2,000
Appx Furnace Installation $4,000
Appx Electric Hot Water Heater $1,500